Milkster Nitrogen Creamery is not just another ice cream shop. Their Grand Opening in Bridgemill Commons in Indian Land has everyone talking about their “nicecream”!

As their motto states, “We believe dessert can change the world.” For every cup of ice cream you buy, Milkster will give a cup of water. They call this “cup for cup.” The local owners partner with Hope Water Project to help the Pokot people of Western Kenya. Their biggest need is clean water and by digging wells we can improve their lives in providing life sustaining water.

Going to get ice cream has always been a family tradition but now you can experience a live science lesson. Think about the days of making home churned ice cream at Grandma’s house. Now you can custom select everything from the type of milk and cream to a yummy assortment of ingredients. Recipe cards can guide you to your desired flavor or create your own unique combination. Follow the assembly complete with light show to the mixing station where the magic happens. Nitrogen which is 321 degrees below zero is mixed with your creation and within 45 seconds the vapors clear and you have the freshest creamy

Nicecream and the fun doesn’t end there. The last station you can add many fun yummy toppings and there you have it.  For the kiddies or the kid at heart try the “Dragon’s Breath” which is frozen cereal pops made with liquid nitrogen. Get ready for their reaction when they start breathing out smoke!

You can also stop in to enjoy their Expresso Bar complete with Cold Brew and Draft Latte as well as an assortment of delicious miniature pies!

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Instagram: @milkstercreamery

Facebook: @milkster.indianland