Your home is often your largest investment, and this locally owned company is dedicated to help you preserve and protect that investment.

HydroShield North Carolina is owned by Carmen and Noel Tories and specializes in protecting hard to clean surfaces throughout your residence. These surfaces include all-natural stones such as granite, marble, travertine, porcelain, and tile & grout. They also protect your framed or frameless shower glass enclosures that are hard to maintain free of hard water stains and soap scum build-up.

“A lot more goes into preserving and protecting a surface than simply wiping, or worse, spraying on a product, and calling it sealed,” says Carmen. “This is why we have gone through specialized training to become certified to use these products.” First, they analyze the surfaces, then prepare the surface to receive the appropriate sealant and then apply the sealant, leaving the surface ready for immediate use with the security that it will remain like new for years to come. Their products and services come with a written warranty that is serviced locally. The HydroShield line is unique, innovative, AMil-Std-810 tested and fully warranted.

If you have ever tried to clean soap scum and hard water from your shower glass, then you understand the time and difficulty involved. Their product is a breakthrough surface protection that can transform glass by making it stain resistant and low maintenance. At the microscopic level untreated glass has pores or microscopic peaks and valleys. Minerals from hard water, soap scum, and other contaminants settle into these pores and require acidic or abrasive cleaners to remove. Their innovative one-of-a-kind surface protector completely fills in and eliminates the microscopic pores. The result is a high-performance, invisible coating that makes glass surfaces easier to clean, less likely to stain, and eco-friendly by eliminating the need for harsh toxic chemicals.

Our kitchens are the hub of our households and solid surfaces are a significant investment. They can easily become stained or damaged with daily wear and tear. If your home is new the best protection is prevention before use to ensure that your surfaces will look like new for years to come. Many homeowners seek help to restore their natural stone after years of use. Grout is another sore spot that can easily become dingy, stained, and unattractive. It is extremely porous and therefore it is the perfect incubator for mold and mildew. Every time you shower it can take up to 72 hours to dry and if you shower daily this provides the perfect environment in which mildew likes to grow causing homeowners time and frustration in attempting to use harsh chemicals that only mask the problem.

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