In a world where technology changes daily, it is a challenge to stay current on all the home devices and systems that can improve our daily lives and make our homes more valuable.

Here is a look at some systems that you may want to consider:

Security systems are evolving every day!

Upgrade or install the new home security systems. The technology used to arm these systems is changing rapidly. Home security companies now offer fully connected systems that allow users to protect and monitor their homes from any smart device. The latest bells and whistles enable you to have live video feed, the ability to lock and unlock doors remotely, or just check that all sensors are working properly. Integrated security systems offer peace of mind. Having the infrastructure in place can be a selling point for buyers who want to make sure their new home is as safe as possible. Given they’ll only have to set up the monitoring subscription upon move-in.

Smart garages for convenience and safety

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost vs Value Survey, a garage door replacement is the number one home improvement project in terms of return on investment. But homeowners are taking it a step further and installing new technology to make the garage more user-friendly. For example, garage door openers now come with technology built in to improve convenience and functionality. Not only is the opener quiet — ideal for the attached garages, but the connectivity features allow you to check whether your garage door is open or closed. Grant individual access with virtual keys. Instantly know when someone is operating your garage door (authorized or not) and provide a log of when each opener was used — all from your phone or smart device.

You can open the garage door remotely for delivery people, a housekeeper, or for your child coming home from school. Considering your garage is one of the most accessed points in your home, this is a useful security feature and proves that garages offer more than just storage space. With the right connectivity tools and features, they can provide the convenience that will be attractive to future owners.

Smart thermostats save energy, increase comfort

As home improvement trends go, increased connectivity is rivaled only by the desire for more energy-efficient homes. Smart thermostats accomplish both these aims and can increase the value of your home in the process. Smart thermostats let you easily control the temperature in your home from any connected device.

You can set a daily schedule for your heater. Adjust the temperature in individual rooms or let the system program itself based on your usage history. For energy-conscious buyers, this kind of technology provides a way of living that is sustainable and easier on the wallet.

Programmable Lighting is a Game Changer

Smart lighting has turned from a novelty to a practical tool as products have gotten more advanced. Programmable lighting allows you to schedule when your lights will come on. Turn lights on and off remotely or change the lighting to improve aesthetics. With a smart lighting system, you’ll never have to get out of bed to turn the lights off downstairs, you can always come home to a fully lit house, boosting your sense of security.

With these kinds of applications, your home’s lighting can go from a ‘given’ to a must-have. Attracting buyers like a moth to a flame.

New smart products are hitting the market every day for savvy homeowners to incorporate this technology into their homes. They will not only be more connected, but they’ll likely see more offers rolling in when it comes time to sell.

Detector that uses words, not beeps

While smoke detectors have been around, you can now purchase a high-tech smoke and carbon monoxide detector that alerts you of potential danger in a clear human like voice. If smoke or carbon monoxide are detected, it will even tell you the location and levels, such as saying, “Heads up, there’s carbon monoxide in the family room. The alarm may sound.”

This hardwired product has a backup battery to ensure operation during a power outage and provides smartphone alerts and battery status updates as it tests itself automatically. You also can silence the alarm from your smartphone.

If you own a Nest Thermostat (sold separately), Nest Protect will turn off your gas furnace if carbon monoxide is detected.

Now that the holidays are on the way you may want to start doing your research and add one of these upgrades to your wish list!