New year, new you—and a new place to match? As we enter 2022, we can’t help but wonder what the next 12 months will have in store. And, since we’ve been spending a lot of time at home, we’re thinking about how to update our spaces with the latest trends. Though our personal quarters are meant to reflect our own aesthetics, staying up to date on the most recent fads can offer a breath of fresh air.

“There is more and more research that shows the direct influence that our homes have, not only on our moods, but our overall health and well-being,” interior designer Timothy Corrigan of Timothy Corrigan Inc. so, is it any wonder that in 2022—our third consecutive year in a global pandemic—the top interior design trends are again focused on making us feel emotionally at ease?”

We have been forced to slow down and spend time in our homes—this drives a strong desire to really create a space that reflects both visually and affectionately what it is we are feeling.

And what, exactly, are our senses drawn to in 2022? 14 top interior designers have some ideas. For starters, several predict the rise of the enveloping, earthy color of brown, displayed in fabrics like leather or even in terracotta walls (how Ancient Rome of us). Others see a spike in nature-inspired surfaces and accents—think marbles and mushroom shapes—while others say their clients can’t get enough soft, curvy furniture. Essentially, anything that feels warm, welcoming and cozy is in.


As we get into another year of COVID variants, our living spaces continue to double as our work rooms, which is the new normal. The kitchen continues as the conference room and The Farmhouse Table is the new boardroom table.

Rooms will be designed for double-duty, dining rooms walls lined with wine storage or books, guest rooms fitted with desks, bedrooms equipped with exercise equipment. As people spend more time in their homes, they expect the spaces to work harder for them.

Chic Chocolate Hues

“We have been seeing a lot of clients embrace rich chocolate browns and lighter camel colors for their interiors,” Zandy Gammons and Liles Dunnigan of  in Raleigh, North Carolina. “This goes for paint as well as finishes and soft decor items like pillows and linens. These warmer tones feel more welcoming and are a backlash to the oversaturation of grays. People are over seeing interiors marked by light gray, dark gray, and more gray around every corner! We noticed that gray is the color of choice for nearly all quick build ‘cookie cutter’ new builds, so opting for a shade of chocolate browns feels more unique and custom.”

Antiques & Vintage Finds

Start scouring the flea markets or pull hand-me-down pieces out of storage, because Zillow foresees secondhand furnishings and decor making a big comeback in the year ahead. There’s much comfort to be found in antique and vintage pieces that remind us of our mother or grandmother’s houses. Put your flair on these passed-down or salvaged pieces by giving them a fresh coat of paint or embrace the natural warm wood.  

Outdoor Oasis

This year will once again find homeowners looking to create sophisticated outdoor space for entertaining and relaxation. Outdoor kitchens, custom fireplaces and fire pits as well as water features that soothe both visually and through comforting sounds.

Nature-Inspired Surfaces and Objects

With more time spent indoors than ever before, we’re all seeking to strengthen our connection with nature. This has simultaneously inspired a resurgence in natural surfaces—think stoneware, terracotta, marble, and travertine being used across the board from backsplashes to bathtubs, furniture, and decorative objects. The raw, porous, imperfect nature of these organic materials adds depth, soul, and visual intrigue while also mimicking the calming, restorative ambiance of the outdoors. This lure back to nature has also sparked an interest in large trees at home, such as the classic “ grand lady Southern magnolias”.

When all is said and done your home is a reflection of you and what makes you happy and comfortable so have fun and don’t be afraid to start experimenting with a few accessories or new pillows in colors or styles that are trending.